Final Cover – ‘Live Cuts From The Old Teapot...
Final Cover – ‘Live Cuts From The Old Teapot

May 20, 2012
Here’s the final cover for the ‘Live Cuts From The Old Teapot’ live album which is coming out on June 8.   Pre order your signed copy
Q & A Tour – 2012

February 06, 2012
2012 is well underway now, and as summer (or whatever version of it you had) is coming to a close. With this in mind its clearly the time to travel the coast and play a whole bunch of shows for everybody. FB EVENT INVITE Introducing the Q&A tour with heaps of new songs and a test run of the Q&A concept for the first time. If you have a question for Jordan that you want answered at the show, jump onto the facebook page or twitter and post it up. If all goes to plan Jordan will answer it onstage in your town!!! Brilliant 🙂 Tour Dates: Wednesday Feb 15 – Gertrudes, Melbourne...
Photo Time

January 31, 2012
Did a new shoot the other night with my buddy Dilgz and we got a whole bunch of new shots that will appear over the coming weeks. But for the moment Not bad eh? Give Dilgz your work. He’ll do it. He’s good
A Brand New Year

January 12, 2012
Hello everyone. I know its been a really long time since i’ve been on this blog, but i’ve decided to get it started again as a way to interact with you on a significantly more complex level than you standard FB status update… Which i love by the way, but i just feel like i’m in the mood to actually write some stuff down and getting into it again.   So i hope you’re all well. I hope you eventually make your way back here to read some of it, but for the moment i’ll leave you with this. I’ve been working super hard on all the new demos, and i even bought a new guitar to...